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Hello, my name is Joan Jones (it really is). I own Media Makeup 4 U in Maryland. I have feature film, music video and TV experience. I am Makeup Artist & Hair for "The Jet Set TV".  I recently completed feature films "Designed to Kill"  SFX & "Awesome Gal" MUA & SFX and "What Death Leaves Behind" where I am Dept Head for MUA & all SFX responsibilities. 

I worked on commercials for "York Medspa" (in York, PA) for Comcast Spotlight, "Lincoln" @ Ted Britt for Turner & "Adlens" in Lancaster, PA. 

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I do SFX, MUA/H "Copy Cat Killers" & "What Really Happened" crime reenactment shows for Story House Productions. I have worked on The Making of the Mob(AMC), The American West (AMC), Nascar: The Rise of American Speed (CMT) for Stephen David Productions.



It is my goal to work as a lead makeup artist & special effects artist in the film/TV/fashion industry. My specialty is creating, designing & fabricating prosthetics.

Positions Held

2017—Current What Really Happens for Story House Productions SFX/Makeup/Hair

2016—Current The Jet Set TV Show Makeup & Hair Dept Head

2018 What Death Leaves Behind Feature Film SFX & Makeup Dept Head

2017 Canned Hunt SFX Makeup

2017 King Lear SFX Makeup

2017 One Penny Key Makeup/Hair/SFX (Best Makeup Winner at Fest)

2017 Roses Underground Independent Film SFX Makeup

2017 The Eyeshot Short Film SFX Makeup

2016 Independent Film Lotus Eyes Cast Makeup & Special Effects

2015 The American West Key Makeup Artist on AMC for Stephen David Productions

2015 Nascar: The Rise of American Speed, currently on CMT for Stephen David Productions.

2015 several music videos, Johnaa, "I'm Not Her"

2014 The Making of the Mob Assistant Makeup Artist on AMC for Stephen David Productions

2013 “He Said She Said” Sitcom, Lead Makeup Artist and light hair

2013 Music Video “Love Noir” By Kitty Boy Band Lead Makeup Artist and light hair

2013 Music Video “Eye Candy” by Sin the Saint, Lead Makeup Artist and light hair

2012 “Nun” Movie Trailer - Lead Makeup Artist, period piece, all makeup and light hair

2012 “Dirtier Than Ever” TV Pilot – Lead Makeup Artist and light hair

2012 Makeup artist for “School Court TV” Lead Makeup Artist

2012 “My Second First Step” Lead Makeup Artist

2012 “Broken” Lead Makeup Artist and light hair

2012 “Dolo” Music Video—Marz Lovejoy

2011 feature film “The Guild” Makeup Assistant under Lead Makeup Artist Denise Hubbard 

2011 School Court Fashion & Talent Show, Lead Makeup Artist, Fells point Baltimore, MD


2015 CMC Makeup SFX

2011, Von Lee Institute, Makeup Artist


Phone: 443 386-6913


2914 Gillis Falls Rd

Mount Airy, 

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